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Pouch Packaging


Elecster aspects pouches was not available in Pakistan instead; brick packaging and standing packets were the only option. However, this was an entirely new product for the clients and needed  extensive customer awareness. with the help of strategic partnership between TECHY TECH and ELECSTER, Elecster was introduced and was able to pernitrate into the  Pakistani market within A YEAR, where it is still expanding. 

Spare Manufacturer

Sammler CS

Prior to the introduction of Sammler CS, Sundyne enjoyed a 100% market share in complicated Asia. Techy Tech introduced Sammler CS to the Pakistani market. It took 9 MONTHS  to get their first client and the rest is history.

Machine Manufacturing


ARBURG is a German manufacture of injection molding machines was introduced to Pakistan by TECHY TECH. Within 4 MONTHS  ARBURG was able to expand into otherwise a complicated region.

Commercial Properties


It is a 120 year old UK based corporation which was introduced to Pakistan by TECHY TECH. Within 6 MONTHS they were able to have a market share

Manufacturers Success Stories

When these companies decided to expand their business into these complex regions,they were relatively unknown there. A lot of market research was required by the companies to not only understand the customer behaviour and the industry dynamics of these regions but to also maximize their chances of success. Techy tech was in a unique position to navigates these companies to  success.